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Miller Park Fundraising

AYHA Parents, 

The Miller Park Group Fundraising Program is a great way to earn money for the association and at the same time reduce your ice fees.  Contact to be placed on the email list for updates AND for more information.

AYHA has entered into a contract with Delaware North SportService to provide four (4) or more trained volunteers to work concession stands for a minimum of ten (10) selected Milwaukee Brewers home games and in exchange for providing the volunteers the association earns a percentage of the sales (from 10 to 15% based on games/days).

Mandatory annual training is provided at Miller Park for all participants. Training is provided on various dates extending over a period of several months to accommodate schedules. An email will be sent out once the training dates have been scheduled. You can also email for a list of training dates.

  • Scheduling is flexible; work the games that work with your schedule. A full calendar of games available will be provided to each participant.
  • Each shift will last approximately 6-8 hours.  There is no minimum nor maximum time, as each inning/game varies in length.
  • AYHA baseball caps are required for all volunteers and are purchased via the Miller Park Coordinator for $10 .
  • NO SHOWS: If you cannot work a game you have signed up for you need to find your own replacement. If you cannot find a replacement you will be charged up to a $75 no show fee along with possibly being responsible for 1% of the total money earned on that shift. (That is what can be charged to the group by Miller Park for a no show as Miller Park then needs to assign one of their workers to cover our missing worker, and it can also impact the percentage of sales the association earns for that game.)
  • All workers must show a valid state issued photo ID/Driver’s License to enter the stadium.
  • Volunteers are released by Miller Park personnel after the concession stand has closed, has been properly cleaned, and has been inventoried. 
  • Credits are applied to ice fees only for AYHA Registered Programs.  Uniforms, equipment, tournament and team fees are not eligible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: What’s in it for me?
A: Credits to reduce player registration fees. Credits earned through this program are used to offset Arrowhead Youth Hockey Association player registration fees. Please note that earned credits cannot be used for any of the Summer Programs sponsored through the Mullett Center or ongoing high school fees that involve Arrowhead High School or the Mullett Center as they are both separate entities.

Q: How do the credits work?
A:  Each credit is determined by 1) revenue of the concession stand(s) minus any cash or inventory shortages above 1% of earnings, 2) the commission percentage offered by Miller Park (this varies from 10% to 15% depending upon the game), and 3) the number of volunteers working each game. The minimum amount of money that Arrowhead receives is $50 per volunteer per game.

Q:  What do I have to do if I sign up to work the concessions?
A:   A typical shift includes getting to the stadium 2 – 3 hours before the game starts. Often the gates open an hour beforehand, so the concessions need to be fully operational by the time the gates open. Volunteers are responsible for setting up all aspects of the concession stand (different depending on which stand) including but not limited to making sure everything is clean and stocked, food and beverage is prepared and ready for sale, continuous stocking throughout the shift, and adequate clean-up and shut down of the stand at the end of the shift. The job requires volunteers to be able to stand for long periods of time as well as walk long distances (it is a half mile walk from the parking lot to the stadium).  The stands are open from an hour before the game until the last out in the 7th inning. Once the stand closes the volunteers are responsible for cleanup. A Team Lead helps ensure accurate inventory at the beginning and end of the shift, and the Cash Manager ensures all monies are accurately recorded at the beginning and end of the shift, and deposited.

Q:  How to I sign up for training? 
A: Send your request via email with the dates you are available to attend a training to the Miller Park Coordinator at  Please note there is a separate, second training required for the cash managers!

Q:  If I attended training last year do I have to go again?
A: YES. Miller Park requires annual training in order to participate.

Q: Do I have to pay for parking? 
A: NO. You will receive a parking pass for each game you are scheduled to work. Parking passes allow entry to the Spahn Parking lot, and there is additional parking available along the side of the road (South 44th Street) if you arrive early enough to find an opening.

Q: How do I sign up for games? 
A: The volunteer coordinator will utilize a Google document/spreadsheet and share the document (viewing only) with all participants. The link to the spreadsheet will be attached to every email sent from the Miller Park Coordinator email address. Only the Miller Park Coordinator has the ability to edit the document, so all requests will be processed via an email to the coordinator.

Q: How are games assigned? 
A: For the overall program, games are selected by the AYHA Miller Park Coordinator and accepted by Miller Park per the guidelines of the contract for the overall group.  There are opportunities for additional games if there is enough interest (volunteers) and availability (at the discretion of Delaware North Sport Service).  The Miller Park Coordinator will post all available games and allow volunteers so sign up for the games that work for each person. Individual worker assignments are done on a first come/first serve basis. Group assignments can be arranged as well.

Q: What if I sign up for a game and cannot work it?
A: Once you sign up for a game you will be responsible for finding your own replacement. (There are of course exceptions for emergency situations.) A list of names, email addresses and phone numbers will be shared amongst all participants via the Google Document provided by the coordinator, so you will have access to contact information should you need to find a replacement.

Q: How do I know what games I am scheduled for? 
A: You will have access to the Google spreadsheet listing the games and who is assigned to work each one. You will need to refer to the spreadsheet to confirm/track your assigned games.

Q: How will I know how many credits I have earned? 
A: Miller Park provides the information to the Coordinator (usually about 3 weeks after the last game of the home stand) and the MP Coordinator will provide them to you. Once we receive those calculations they will be uploaded to the Google document where you can view your credits.

Q: Is participation in this program eligible for credit hours outlined in the Volunteer Program?
A:  Cash Manager will earn 1 hour (volunteer credit) per shift. Regular concession workers do not earn volunteer credits.  One shift equals one volunteer credit, so in order to satisfy all 10 volunteer credits through the Miller Park program you will need to be the cash manager for 10 games.

Q: Is the position of AYHA Miller Park Coordinator a Board position?
A: NO. It is a Volunteer Program position that earns 20 volunteer hours over two years as the position straddles two hockey seasons.  For questions about the Volunteer Program(s) please send an email to the AYHA Volunteer Coordinator at