Arrowhead Youth Hockey Association’s (AYHA) purpose is to promote the recreational and competitive benefits of youth hockey.  We want every player in the organization to reach his or her full potential as a player and as a person.  It is our goal to teach that hockey is fun!  We value hard work, teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship and respect.  We are not a win-at-all cost organization; instead opting to support fair ice time for all players.  We measure development in personal growth on and off the ice.

What is our home rink?

Our home rink is The Mullett Ice Center on the campus of Arrowhead High School.

700 North Ave, Hartland, WI


Is hockey safe?

Yes!  Our goal is to keep all kids safe! 

Recent data analysis by Safe Kids Worldwide, an organization dedicated to preventing injuries in children, suggests that a lower percentage of hockey players visited emergency rooms in 2011 and 2012 than kids who played football, soccer, basketball or wrestled.  Hockey players are typically less injured because they have a lot of protective gear.   We also take a lot of time to teach them how to stand, skate and stop - it's  a gradual progression.  Players learn body control and on-ice awareness.

My Child is not a very good skater, can he/she still play hockey?

Absolutely!   We recommend that players start with the  Mullett Ice Centers Learn-To-Skate and Learn-To- Play Hockey sessions before your child registers with us.  Go to http://mulletticecenter.com/.  Your child will be evaluated by the Mullett Ice Center staff, and if appropriate, will be directed to sign up in our organization.

What equipment does my player need?

Players will need a helmet with facemask,  mouth guard, chest guard, elbow pads, hockey pant (breezers), shin pads, hockey gloves, stick, skates and pelvic protection.  We do have equipment available to loan to new families - just ask!

AYHA prefers equipment to be red to help with uniformity of our association. New equipment purchases (helmet, gloves, breezers) should be red.

Where do we buy hockey equipment?

AYHA has partnered with Hockey Haven in Brookfield for our equipment needs.   As a general rule of thumb, all equipment should fit comfortably without being too big.  Online retailers like HockeyMonkey.com and HockeyGiant.com are another option for equipment.  There are starter sets of equipment online for around $100

My child would like to try to play hockey, but we are concerned about the cost. 

We try to encourage kids to play by keeping our costs reasonable.  Our Mini-mite/U6 and our mite/U8 fees are less than $500- that's a lot of value for over 6 months of practices and games.

Are there any options for financial assistance?

AYHA has several Fee Reduction Programs/fundraisers available to families. Please visit our website: 

www.arrowheadyouthhockey.com and click on the Fundraising Tab for more information. 

Are there separate programs for boys and girls?

Boys and girls have the opportunity to play on a coed team at all levels. 

We also provide an all girls only option for 10U and 12U levels.

8U girl players will primarily play on coed teams but will have an opportunity to play on all girls jamboree weekends periodically throughout the season.

What are the different age group classifications?

  • Mini-Mite/U6
  • Mite/U8
  • Squirt/U10
  • PeeWee/U12
  • Bantam/U14

What is required if I would like to coach or manage a team?

Visit the Resources tab and go to coaching Info or manager resources on our site.

What is the volunteer requirement?

AYHA is a volunteer run organization.  In order to provide quality programs and to create a positive, fun and safe environment for our players, we need help from every participating family. Every family to commit to at least 10 hours of volunteer time.  A child may not attend season skates until a deposit check is turned in to our treasurer.  The check will be destroyed one the family satisfies its volunteer requirement. For more information go to the Volunteer Tab on the AYHA website

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