Arrowhead Youth Hockey

The Arrowhead Youth Hockey Association’s purpose is to promote the enjoyment of recreational and competitive benefits of youth hockey.

Who can register with Arrowhead Youth Hockey?

Boys and girls, birth year 2007-2016. In accordance with the Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association (WAHA), your primary residence must be located in the Arrowhead High School district.  If your player or players do not live in AYHA's district, you must obtain a waiver from your local youth hockey organization before registering. If you are not sure if you can play with AYHA, please contact our secretary at with your primary residence's address, so we can help you determine your eligibility.

What will it cost to play?

Short of full hockey equipment, you can expect the following costs/fees associated to play this season.

USA Hockey Registration

The USA Hockey Registration fee is $46 per person + $10 WAHA Affiliate Fee

AYHA Registration

$200 (NON-REFUNDABLE) minimum due, per player, at registration.

Division Prices

Mites/8u Squirts/10u Peewees/12u Bantams/14u
(2013-2016) (2011-2012) (2009-2010) (2007-2008)
$465* $1,415 $1,640 $1,955
* $35 per mite is subsidized by the Colton Sweitzer Mite Reserve.

1. Registrations completed after July 15th may be subject to an additional $250 late fee above what is listed (mite level is exempt) 

2. Families registering after July 15th can apply to waive the late fee by emailing before they register.

Fee Discount

3% fee Discount

Due at Parent Kick-Off Meeting in September

Families are eligible for a 3% discount on player fees if they pay their player(s) remaining balance, by check at the parent meeting.

If you intended to take advantage of this offer, please select the "Installment Plan" when selecting the pricing options.

Volunteer Check

$350 payable to: AYHA

Due at Parent Kick-Off Meeting in September


Each family is REQUIRED to work at least 10 volunteer hours.  Checks will be destroyed at the end of the season ONLY if the 10 hours are completed. Families may opt out and pay the volunteer hour fee at registration. Players WILL NOT be permitted to attend practices unless a volunteer check is submitted.

Fundraising Fee

$200 payable to: AYHA

Due at Parent Kick-Off Meeting in September


Each family is REQUIRED to submit a fundraising check.  Players WILL NOT be permitted to attend practices unless a volunteer check is submitted.

Check will not be cashed until December 1st

Team Funds

$50-$250 Due in October


This will cover the cost of tournaments, team events, etc. that each team decides to participate in. 

Players WILL NOT be permitted to attend practices unless team fees are submitted.

Jersey Numbers

Jersey Numbers for AYHA players are selected by players from Squirt/10u level or older.

  • Odd birth years choose odd numbers.
  • Even birth years choose even numbers.
  • Returning players can choose to keep their existing number. If they change numbers, please notify to let us know.
  • Mite/8u level or younger are assigned jerseys. If you choose a jersey number for a mite at registration, it will be removed until they receive their assigned jersey.

Lake Country Warhawk players must submit jersey numbers requests/changes to


Players can begin from the age of 4 and play through age 14.


Evaluations are held in late September or Early October. Practices begin in the first week of October and your season runs until the middle of March. Games typically start in at the November.


Mullett Ice Center 700 North Avenue Hartland, WI 53029


Each player gets 2-3 ice times each week that are used for practices. We do not run a set schedule, so you can practice any day of the week.


Games will vary but typically there will be 1 to 2 games per weekend.


Jerseys and socks will need to be purchased from the squirt 10u level and up (as needed).

Privacy Policy

AYHA will not use the individual information or credit information provided for any purpose other than for registration and payment for Arrowhead Youth Hockey players.

2021-2022 Season

Registration for 2021-2022 is closed.

If you are looking to register, please contact or

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