26 Jul

Important AYHA Update

AYHA Members, 

Last week AYHA received legal notice from the Mullett Ice Center stating they would not be renting ice to AYHA this coming season.  This letter is to inform you of that recent activity regarding AYHA, the Mullett family, and the Mullett Ice Center. 

The AYHA board was approached in May by Don and Bryan Mullett with a proposal that included the below items:  (Attached References:  2021 Arrowhead Youth Hockey -New concept.pdf, Project Champions - C Team House Team Concept.pdf)

  • Board re-org & Bylaw edits
  • Endowment fund of $5K per head coach for Bantam, PeeWee and Squirt non-parent coaches at the co-ed A & B levels
  • C teams would have lower fees than A/B teams, less ice time, and potentially be house teams with minimal to no outside games

As a whole the AYHA board could not support the proposal as written from the Mullett family. (Attached reference: Project Champion Response.pdf) The main justification is below:

  • Board re-org proposal consisted of the creation of a new 5-member board of directors. 3 of those positions would be appointed by HGM Ice, which is owned and operated by the Mullett family. The other 2 would be AYHA members elected by the association.  With this structure the majority of the board would not be members of the association and would not be voted in/out by members. Without the ability to vote for a majority position of the board the AYHA families have no recourse to implement or force change. 

The board was in support of continuing the discussion regarding paid non-parent coaches, but were informed the proposal could not be decoupled and was an all-or-nothing proposal. 

On July 21, 2021, the President of AYHA received a letter (see attached - Foley & Lardner.pdf) from a law firm representing HGM Ice (Mullett Ice Center) stating they were not going to be offering ice to AYHA as of August 15th, 2021. The ice would be reserved for a new association that will be created.

The AYHA board is currently working closely with WAHA, Arrowhead High School, and legal counsel.  We expect these conversations and the outline of next steps to take between 7 and 10 days.  The board will  schedule a Town Hall to address next steps with membership after completing our conversations with Arrowhead High School.  At this meeting we will review the timeline of events, updates since this communication, and take membership input and questions.  

Detailed timeline of events reference attached:  Project Champions - Timeline of events.pdf

Working for you - AYHA Board

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16 Jul

2021-2022 Registration is Closed

Open Registration for 2021-2022 is now closed.  If you would like to still register, please reach out to:

Joshua Finke at secretary@arrowheadyouthhockey.com

or Rick Eddy at communications@arrowheadyouthhockey.com

Note: Players may not skate in our summer sessions until they are registered with USA hockey and AYHA.

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