AYHA Core Competencies

1. Skating

Developing good skaters should be a top priority and I believe that this should be reinforced at practice as frequently as possible.

2. Skills


This should also be a primary focus. Players should be practicing on and off the ice, so we need to encourage work on their own time as well.

3. Puck Possession

  • Puck protection/support- kids trying to dangle 1 on 1 increases the likelihood that we have turnovers, limiting turnovers in a game is critical to success.

  • Face offs - Every face off is an opportunity to gain possession of the puck, we need to be the best face off team in the state.

  • Stick battles -  This is extremely important especially for levels that haven’t started checking, we need to incorporate this skill in our practices.

  • Creating turnovers - Being aware of creating as many turnovers as possible and then transitioning into an attack quickly.

4. Hockey IQ

Players with the ability to make quick decisions and anticipate the next play increases their game speed.

  • D Zone - Strategies with and without puck possession.

  • O Zone - Strategies with and without puck possession

  • Offensive and Defensive zone entries - proper positioning and techniques.

  • Neutral Zone - Staging area for offensive and D zone entries, good decision making and no turnovers.

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